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The Home Marketing Checklist

If your house didn’t sell the first time, and your listing expired, complete this checklist to make sure you did all of the following steps. If one or more of these steps were not done, then we should work together to get your house back on the market and do it the proper way.


An Automated Call/Text System

www.MobileRealEstateMarketer.com has a system that allows potential buyers to

call or text an automated number 24/7. The system automatically sends them

pictures and my pre-recorded message that gives details on the house. The

number they inquired from is then sent to me (and you if you want) so that we

can follow up.


A Single Property Website

I offer a website that is dedicated to your listing and your listing only. It is

optimized for viewing on a mobile phone as well as a computer browser. Once

again, your listing is the only one on this site! This is done to prevent the

potential buyer from seeing any other listings or being distracted.


Professional Pictures

Good pictures are what sell a home. According to Realtor.com, 89% of houses

that sell have at least 4 professional pictures. We do professional pictures and

have them enhanced in Photoshop.


Listed In The MLS System

This is important because the MLS is the national “search engine” for all Realtors.

If someone from your area or another area is looking to buy a home in your city,

they will never find it unless it’s in the MLS. Not only do I list your property on

the system, I write detailed, spectacular sales copy about it.


Have A Realtor.com Enhanced Listing

I pay extra money to add the enhanced feature to all of my listings on

Realtor.com. The enhanced feature allows me to upload virtual tours, up to 25

photos, my own custom sales copy, a headline, scrolling text, have open houses

and much more.


Listing On Every Possible Real Estate Site

I post your home to every real estate website possible. These include Zillow,

Truial, Homes.com, plus all of the real estate websites like RE/MAX.com/

KW.com, Century 21, Coldwell Banker, etc. The more websites your house is on,

the more people who are going to see it. It’s just that simple.


Email House To Potential Buyers

Over the past few months, I have created a unique email list of buyers who have

inquired about houses in the area. I will email ALL of the people on this list and

let them know about your house. I will include pictures and all the details about

your listing.


Other Agents Notified

I will notify all of the agents in the area and let them know all of the details

about your home. This really broadens your chance of finding a buyer. If all of

the agents in the area know about your home, then they can let their customers

know about it too.


Listed In Social Media Avenues

I will post your house on my business Facebook page and my personal Facebook

page. Facebook is the new way that people communicate, and I have a lot of

connections through both of my pages. A lot of buyers in the area are connected

to my pages and they will see your listing.


Sent Via Direct Mail

I drop a postcard to everyone in your area (direct to every door) to let them

know that your home is on the market. I include a link to your house’s unique

website so they can go and look at it themselves. This is an amazing way to get

your listing well known in the community.



I take feedback and send it to you too so that we can take suggestions from

others who are showing the home. If we have the feedback, we can improve on

our marketing techniques and possibly change some of our tactics to get your

house sold.